RAPP Black Watches
RAPP Black was created by Ricardo Antonio Perez.  RAP is an acronym for his name and the last P is an added reference to Ricardo's place of birth and place of youth.  It is a constant reminder of the American and International aspects of the brand.  The Black embodies the brands 3 DNA values of independence, nonconformist, and maven attitude.

From the beginning, RAPP Black clockworks was aimed to be different from typical timepiece companies. Our designs, craftsmanship, materials, and branding set us apart from the rest. Instead of focusing on exaggerated gimmicks, we hone in on the vintage and modern aspects of the timepiece itself.

RAPP Black clockworks have been designed independent from trends and licenses, allowing us to use up-market leathers from America, complicated Japanese components, and premium construction. We represent non-conformist through our limited production, attention to detail while combining non-traditional finishes, colors, materials and production sources. Maven is evident in our history – our knowledge and experience with watch making, exposure to cultures worldwide, and the confidence to continue our journey in standing apart from the rest.

Our clockworks are designed with these three values that make up the DNA of the Socially Strong and Beautiful.

The Capel

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