RAPP Black was created in 2012 by a man with a vision for refined vintage inspired products.  This man traveled the world designing timepieces for many other well-known brands.  He soon looked in the mirror and saw time passing him by so he decided to leave his well-established corporate life behind and launch his own watch collective.
RAP is an acronym for his name and the last P is an added reference to his place of birth and place of youth (Ricardo Antonio Perez Pasadena/Panama).  The 2 P references are a constant reminder of the American and International aspects of the brand.  The Black embodies the brands 3 DNA values of independence, nonconformist, and maven attitude.

RAPP Black is independently design, free from licenses or larger Swiss conglomerates. Our non-conformist attitude is essentially we don't care!  We make it how we want, how much we want and when we want, irrelevant to trends. Maven is evident in our usage of complicated Japanese movements, mostly chronographs, American Hand Made Leather straps and final assembly in California.

Our products are designed with these three values that make up the DNA of the Socially Strong and Beautiful.

The Capel